Technology park "Yavoriv” was created in 1998 and successfully works on innovation service market since that time. From 1998 to 2007 the technology park operated as a Science and technology park of the Special Economic Zone "Yavoriv” and realized it’s projects only in this zone. In 2007 took place a state registration of the Technology park (as a group of legal entities) that acts in the framework of Law of Ukraine "About special status of the innovation activity of technology parks” — this means that the Technology park got an extraterritorial status and now could execute projects all over the territory of Ukraine.

Technology park is a legal entity or group of entities that act in accordance with joint activity agreement without a creation of separate legal entity and without union of holdings with an aim to construct organization principles of technology parks projects realization for manufacturing implementation of knowledge-intensive elaborations, high technologies and providing industrial release of products that are competitive for world market.

Initiators of creation and participants of Technology park are such key scientific institutions and enterprises of Western Ukraine:
  • Lviv Polytechnic University;
  • Ivan Franko National University;
  • Institute for condensed matter physics;
  • Limited liability company "Center for development of new technologies”;
  • State enterprise "Ukrainian Academic Research Network "UARNET”;
  • Limited liability company "Scientific and Technology park "Yavoriv";
  • Closed joint-stock company Scientific and Production Center "ORDANA”;
  • Closed joint-stock company "Ukrainian Insurance Group”;
  • Limited liability company "Potassium factory of Stebnyk”;
  • Limited liability company "Aerotech”;
  • Limited liability company "Research center of mineral raw materials "Zahidmineral”;
  • Private enterprise "Zemservis”;

Technology park "Yavoriv” gets busy with introduction of scientific and technological elaborations into production and put them on the market through middle and small enterprises. Technology park also gives services that are connected with providing of legal, marketing, commercial and expert accompaniment of innovation and investment process, coordination of scientific, production and financial institutions activity in the sphere of innovation and investment projects development and introduction, it also creates investment attractive territories for foreign investment involvement.

One of the main ways of effective economic surroundings creation in Ukraine is forming of small and middle enterprises net in different spheres of country’s national economy that could quickly and effectively react the conditions and necessities of various regions and the market conjuncture change including new technologies market as well. That’s why the basis of society development innovation model is formed by integrated innovation structures that deal with commercialization of scientific and technical activity with a help of innovations, inventions and elaborations commercialization into new type of industrial production, means and objects of labor, technologies and methods of production organization and its transformation into a profit source. Technology park "Yavoriv” is the West region needs and possibilities oriented structure.

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