The main task of Technology park "Yavoriv” is creation of favourable conditions for small and middle scientific capacious enterprise that stipulates scalene of its activity, close intercommunication with scientific and research, educational, production enterprises and region foundings, it also determine activity priority directions.

Technology park "Yavoriv” has such purposes:
  • coordination of scientific, production and financial institutions activity in the sphere of innovation projects development and introduction;
  • creation of conditions for results of fundamental and applied researches transfer into practical sphere of economic activity;
  • formation of informational base for innovations, reference and search system;
  • institutional and hardware providing of innovation activity;
  • creation of effective mobilization and resource concentration system for innovation financing;
  • formation of mechanisms and procedures of the Technological park’s parties innovation activity
  • providing of legal, informational,  marketing and commercial accompaniment of innovation process.
In the Technology park there are over 50 innovation and investment projects today with general cost over $138.000.000 being registered and put into implementation. The Technology park "Yavoriv” is one of the six Ukrainian Technology parks that already have operating registered innovation projects in the status of national technology parks.

79000, Ukraine, Lviv, Mateika str. 4
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